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Why Sheet Mulch?

So why sheet mulch? Sheet mulching is often chosen over other lawn removal methods for a couple reasons. Most importantly, sheet mulching kills off a lawn WITHOUT the use of toxic and polluting chemicals. Many people use chemicals on their lawns but the result is the pollution of the surrounding environment and it makes it harder to replant the area. Sheet mulching uses natural means to gradually kill the lawn without pollutants.

Sheet mulching also leaves the ground intact and ready to be replanted. Sheet mulching also leaves the lawn intact, which is important because if you rip up your lawn then you are also taking away the dirt that you could use to replant the area. Sheet mulching keeps the dirt and also makes it even better for planting as it decomposes and becomes rich.

But why even remove your lawn at all?

Removing your lawn is important, especially here in California, because it saves water and creates much less waste. Lawns use much more water than a normal garden and especially a native plant garden. A lawn creates clippings whenever mowed and is hard to keep looking nice without extensive care. A garden can look nicer and require less resources and effort.